Feb 4-6, 2022
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Tartanhacks is the largest hackathon at CMU! Organized by ScottyLabs, it's a hackathon where, in 36 hours, participants from all over the country work in groups to create innovative projects. This year, Tartanhacks will be hybrid, with an in-person option for CMU students. Come on over to hack, learn new concepts through our virtual workshops, and meet other hackers!



    Nita Singh Kaushal

    Nita Singh Kaushal

    Founder of Miss CEO

    Nita Singh Kaushal is the Founder of Miss CEO, a company that empowers students and women with world-class leadership training, mentorship, and career exploration opportunities. Since its founding in 2011, Miss CEO has trained over fifty thousand children, young women, and professionals all over the world. Nita is currently a Lecturer in the School of Engineering at Stanford University and an Instructor at Stanford Continuing Studies where she teaches undergraduate and graduate students as well as professional women how to develop leadership skills so they can make meaningful contributions in their careers. Nita also proudly serves on the Girls at the Tech Leadership Council.

    Po-Shen Loh

    Po-Shen Loh

    Creator of NOVID and expii.com, Professor at Carnegie Mellon

    Po-Shen Loh is a social entrepreneur, working across the spectrum of mathematics, education, and healthcare, all around the world. He is the founder of the free personalized learning platform expii.com, a social enterprise supported by his series of online math courses that reinvent the middle school math curriculum with a focus on creative thinking. He is also a math professor at Carnegie Mellon University and the national coach of the USA International Mathematical Olympiad team. Upon the outbreak of COVID-19, he turned his mathematical attention to create NOVID, the world's first app to introduce the fundamentally different network radar paradigm for pandemic control.

    Jasmine Lawrence

    Jasmine Lawrence

    Engineer & Entrepreneur

    Jasmine Lawrence is an experienced Product Manager and Entrepreneur with a passion for both consumer technology and business strategy. Whether it's building devices or formulating beauty products, she focuses on creating delightful experiences that make a difference in people's lives.


    Post the 🌶️iest memes on #memes in Discord

    Prize: What Do You Meme? Card game

    Inspired by Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture: “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you wanted. And it can be the most valuable thing you have to offer.” Awarded to the team that took the biggest gamble while not meeting its goals… a prize for ‘glorious failure’.

    Prize: Super cute penguin plushies

    Awarded to the team with the best travel related hack!

    Prize: 4 x travel packs with a film camera and travel essentials

    The prize for the most impressive hack at TartanHacks 2022

    Prize: $2,000 per team

    Awarded to the the team with the best use of Oracle Autonomous Database

    Prize: Ultimate Ears Portable Waterproof Speakers plus $5,000 in Oracle Cloud credits for 1 year

    Awarded to the Team that uses Oracle Cloud to make the best community project.

    Prize: Oracle Swag Bag complete with a hoodie, journal, and socks

    Awarded to the team with the hack with the best Financial Hack

    Prize: $250 gift card per team member

    Awarded to the team with the Best Design

    Prize: $400 prize

    Awarded to the project with the best community hack

    Prize: 4 Portals

    Best Use of Google Cloud

    Prize: 2 winning teams will receive Google Cloud Swag


    Prize: Cool stuff


    TartanHacks will be hybrid this year, with CMU students being given the option to attend in-person. However, we are closely monitoring the current COVID-19 situation and may consider moving to a completely virtual setting if the situation becomes more severe.

    Nothing. TartanHacks is free for all undergraduate students!

    Yes! All undergradauate majors and programs, even if they aren't technical, are welcome at TartanHacks. We have slides from a series of web development workshops online that you can use to brush up your skills! We'll also have some workshops during the event so you can get started with new frameworks.

    Yes! We welcome students of all skill levels to participate. First-year students and first-time hackers have always been part of TartanHacks; we would love to see you at the event! Some prizes will also be specific for beginner hackers.

    Unfortunately, graduate students cannot participate. TartanHacks is currently limited to undergraduate students only.

    Absolutely! Just sign up :)

    You have to sign up as an individual for the event, and we'll have you specify your team later on. Don't worry, if you already have a team chosen you'll still be able to work with them during event.

    Absolutely! We'll have a team mixer after the opening ceremony to help you meet new hackers.

    Up to 4 people are allowed.

    We expect that everyone who registers can get in. However, sometimes more hackers sign up than we can admit. Once registration closes, hackers are accepted on a rolling basis. You will be notified via email about your registration status.

    Hackers are accepted individually, so we are unable to guarantee that all members of your team will get in. However, if they're on the waitlist, there's still hope! See the next question.

    We will be letting hackers off the waitlist on a first-come, first-serve basis on the day of the event. Historically, many people have gotten off the waitlist.

    We will have a team of student and corporate mentors on hand who are experts in many common technologies. They'll be able to answer your questions, help you debug, and get you set up with new frameworks. They can't make your project for you, but they are always there to help!

    TartanHacks is run by ScottyLabs, a student organization at Carnegie Mellon University that develops apps for CMU and runs educational events, like TartanHacks. ScottyLabs isn't affiliated with any academic department, and all of our funding comes from corporate sponsors.



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